What is TestCaseLab? Why do you need it?

Looking for a simple test management tool?

What’s inside test case lab software?

TestCaseLab is a web-based test case management system for manual QA engineers. It allows you to manage your test cases, test plans, as well as test runs in the web application and report cases to a bug-tracking tool if needed. It also makes testing more organized so you could keep a high-quality product.

User-friendly Test Case Management Tool

The platform has an intuitive UI that allows users to easily create and organize Test Cases, Test Plans, and Test Runs. For new users, video tutorials and blogs are available to help you get started.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration can be a challenge if you are using excel sheets for test case management. Sharing the sheet with your team members may still involve a lot of work. Worse, they may end up working on a different version of an excel sheet. With TestCaseLab, you can easily work with other members of your team. You’ll get a notification when someone edits the same test case.

Syncs Updates In All Sections

TestCaseLab allows multiple users to work on the same test case simultaneously. And any changes made by a user are saved in the initial case and synchronized in all sections. Real-time synchronization during collaboration can help you avoid data inconsistencies or data conflict which are common problems encountered when using excel spreadsheets.

Fast and Easy Search

Test case management is made faster with TestCaseLab’s advanced search options. You can search a test case by execution, type, priority, category, user, and tags. The search results, on the other hand, can be sorted by title, category, created at, and the last edit at.

Extended Functionalities

TestCaseLab allows its users to easily link their bug-tracking system with the platform, which speeds up the testing process. You do not need to do your work twice. The platform also integrates with Redmine, JIRA Atlassian, Pivotaltracker, YouTrack, Asana, and Trello.

Tclab pricing starts from $48 with unlimited users, you can invite as many colleagues as you need in tc-lab.

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by | January 17th, 2018