Updates in March 2019.

💡 We are grateful for the time of our users spent on sharing feedback with us.

Therefore our responsibility is to return it back with a better product and user experience. 👍

So here are the March TCLab release updates that went live 👇

Now you can change the width of columns.

Say “no” to boundaries for your Test Cases – change column  ⬅️width➡️ on pages to fit them all.

General UI/UX improvements

  • Show notification popup after Test Run completion
  • Improved counters on the Test Run dashboard
  • Status aligned vertically in Test Case title on the Test Runs page.
  • Add a “close” icon to each error/success message.

 Any new ideas are welcome, please share them with us here

🐞Bug fixes

You’ll never find such issues again:

  1. Switching to the wrong tab after clicking “Show all” button on a dashboard
  2. Transparency on “edit block” buttons
  3. An issue with a description in the audit log when deleting a test case.
  4. Layout issue with scroll button and chat
  5. Markdown issue – bold didn’t work.

 If you’ll find a new one, please send it to us on support@testcaselab.com

You can log in to your account and see new features and improvements in action! 

🔬 One research conducted in the U.S shows that many people would actually prefer to receive negative feedback – such as “that was really bad” – than receiving no feedback at all. At least with such harsh words, they know where they stand rather than just guessing.

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We wish you smooth testing and safe releases!
Thank you for staying with us and using TestCaseLab!

Best regards,
TestCaseLab team

by | March 20th, 2019