TestCaseLab updates – November 2020

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This month we’ve made an effort to improve our API and Test Case Lab in general.

Here are some of the TCL API improvements:

➕   Now you can make single and bulk assignments of the Test Cases to the Test Run using API.
➕   New endpoint for adding Test Plan(s) to the Test Run was released.
➕   Now you can find the user ‘id’ in the response of GET /users request.

📍 For more details on API updates please visit our API Documentation

API reference

Other good news on TCLab:

➕  Now you can copy Test Suite with all the test cases and nesting Suites. This feature will make test case management easier.
➕  Your company Admin and Owner would have an ability to filter Activity Stream of the users and see all their activity for the project(s). In order to see the stream click the ‘Gear’ icon in the top right corner and go to the ‘Users’ page. Select any user and open ‘Activity Stream’ tab.
➕  API token generation flow was changed. Only the Company Owner or Admin can generate it.
In order to do it click the ‘Gear’ icon in the top right corner and go to the ‘Company Profile’ page. Click the ‘Show API Tokens’ button and you’ll see the list of your tokens and ability to generate a new one. 

New API generation flow

API Generation

⁉️  What will happen next?

It depends on you!
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by | November 24th, 2020