Set up an integration with Trello

We continue to deliver new features and functions to TestCaseLab. And now you can easily integrate your favorite test case management tool with Trello! If you wondered how – take a look on the short manual below.

First of all – you need to generate your Trello Key (you can do it here: Then, after the key will be generated you can generate application personal token (once your key been generated on the same screen you can click on the “generate a Token”).

After that, copy your key and token and paste to the appropriate fields in your project (Project > Settings > Integration > Trello):

Once your settings will be saved, you can start sending failed test cases to Trello. On the Test Runs page, while you performing a testing and some cases failed – you can see “Report bug to Trello” button. 

Click on that button and popup with additional fields will appear to you:

After you click “Create” new card in selected board will be created with “red” label on it:


Now you have set up the integration! In case you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at