Jira integration update

💡 We know that many of our users using Jira integration.
There are two types of Jira accounts: Cloud and Server based.
🔍 These two versions have different credentials to integrate with TCLab projects.
So here are the details on what is the difference 👇

Integration with Cloud Jira  ☁️

If you have a Cloud account.
When you connect your TCLab project you have to use your Email and API Token.
Filled fields example :
Email/Username: your_email
API Token/Password: your_token
📌 Here you can find information on how to get your token:

Integration with own Server based Jira.

If you have a Server based Jira account.
When you connect your TCLab project you have to use your Username and Password.
Filled fields example:
Email/Username: your_username
API Token / Password: your_password

📌If you’ll have any questions about Jira integrations, don’t be like Vincent Vega – just write to us at support@testcaselab.com

🔬 Usually, our users say that TCLab is “Great tool, fast and easy to use.”

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by | April 23rd, 2019