How to export Test Run results from Tclab in CSV?

Easily export Test Run details from TCLabs to CSV file

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Some users want to know how they can export executed test runs to the CSV sheet. Here are a few steps how can you achieve that.

1. Go to the “Test Runs”;
2. Choose needed test run from the list;
3. Click on the menu button at the top-right corner of the screen;
4. Click on the “CSV” button from the menu.

Export Test Run results in CSV interface

Export Test Run results in CSV interface

These few steps may help you to simply download your test run with all the results to the CSV sheet.

Don’t know what Test Run in TestCaseLab is?

💡  Test Run is used to run all your prepared test cases and verify whether a system works well. 
👉  You have two ways of adding test cases to the Test Run: 
  • Select a Test Plan with needed Test Cases while Test Run creation Add needed Test Cases to the Test Run when it’s created.
  • Open the Test Runs details page, click the ‘Add’ button and select desired test cases.

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