👍General improvements – March 2020

💡 Test management tool like TestCaseLab allows teams to manage test cases, manual tests, defects and project tasks. We are constantly getting feedback from our users, so later TestCaseLab may get advanced dashboards and detailed tracking of key metrics, allowing for easy tracking of progress and bug management.

Today, to make the usage of the tool better, we’ve introduced a couple of changes which you’d like:

➕  The ability to start with a “Demo” project.
Users without projects can start with a demo one and play around with all the functionality there. This project contains a list of demo test cases, test plan, and test runs.

➕  Multiple users invite feature is available now.
We’ve added the ability to send multiple invites to users to join the system. Now you can add all your members at once.

➕  The ability to filter Activity Stream.
Right now you can easily find needed events just to apply a filter. You can filter by the next queries:
– Company;
– User;
– Projects;
– Date.

➕ The ability to upload company and project logo.
We’ve decided to make your company and projects look different. Now you can add the logo to them.
Go to the ‘Project’ settings page and upload the project image. To upload a company image – go to the ‘Company Profile’ page.


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by | April 6th, 2020