5 blogs to move forward in testing

Ready to start automation testing, but have no idea where to begin? Or just interested in new possibilities and concepts of testing? We point out five free sources from which you can get to know future testing better.

Joe Colantonio Automation Awesomeness

Joe is a test automation architect in a large Fortune 100 company.

On this blog you’ll find testing automation how-toes and video tutorials that would definitely help you to take the first step in this field. He also gives tips and tricks for testing issues, for example on how to avoid flaky testing. You may also find useful his reviews of tech books and automation tools.

As for entertainment content, Joe runs a Test Talks podcast where he discusses testing issues with some of the biggest leaders in the industry. 

Software Testing News

This site keeps you informed and up to date in the testing world.

It collects software testing news, reports, white papers and researches. Here you find information about conferences and professional events. All the articles are divided into sections dedicated to different areas of business.

Whiteboard testing

Youtube channel with short informative videos explaining testing concepts. Great way to broaden your mind in a few minutes. If you get interested in the idea, you can discuss it in comments or do your own research.

If you feel ready to share your experience, it also possible to post your video on the channel. 

Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing is the global community that provides support and education in software testing. Besides chats and clubs, they have Testing Planet journal with best articles about technical issues as well as a career path in testing. 

Testing Curator blog

Matt Hutchison, the founder of the blog, works in testing over 23 years. He worked on products from companies such as CompuServe, America Online, Netscape, and Pathlore Software. On his blog, he on a weekly basis shares news, articles, and blog postings that testers may find of value. Check his last digest to discover insights.


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