✌️TestCaseLab updates – December 2019

Recently you may have noticed the new look&feel of the system. Here we explain what exactly has changed and how this can help you to work better, easier and faster.


1. Feature: Selecting test cases by press and hold “Shift” button

Now you can select test cases even simpler – just switch-on select mode on the test cases page, press and hold “Shift” on your keyboard > click on the test case in the list > this and test cases above will be selected.

2. Feature: Filter and search on the Projects page

Too many projects? It’s hard to find the needed project quickly? Thanks to the latest update you can just use the search field or filter projects by status, thus find them easily.

3. UI update: Project and company selector in the header

Do you like cool interfaces? We do, that’s why we’ve updated almost everything to make it more clear, modern, useful and just good-looking (we can tell you a secret that more and more interface updates will be released soon ). In this release we’d like to introduce:

 – Switcher between companies from your account menu;

 – New project selector in the header;

 – New navigation buttons in the header;

4. Feature: Moving test cases to another project

Did you accidentally create a bunch of test cases in the wrong project? No worries, now you can simply move those test cases to another project in a few clicks. To do this just select test cases > Click “Move to” dropdown in the right section > Select project and suite where you want to move the test cases.

5. Feature: Company subscription history visible in your account

If you need an invoice of your recent payment for TestCaseLab or if you want to see the history of your subscriptions – go to Settings > Subscription details > Click “Show subscription history”;

6. UI update: Background color for different states of test cases

We make your work as simple as possible not only by adding new features but also by updating the existing ones. The simplicity of the test cases list interface brings you to the new level of navigation – your main place of work. Take a look at this:

7. UI update: Sorting icon and dropdown button

Optimization of your main workplace also means to pay attention to the details (as a QA you are very careful about each small piece of the product you’re testing, right?). The updated button for sorting control now shows the applied sorting on each page:

8. UI update: The pictures of users who made the change on the activity stream

Save your time of viewing logs on the Activity Stream! How? We’ve added pictures of your teammates to the activity stream, so by a quick look, you can easily say who did this change.

You know, we also wanted to share some of our plans with you. Here’s what you can expect from us in the next few weeks:

– Test Runs page redesign (to match the rest of the UI);
– API extension with steps;
– Edit/Delete/Manage for the entire project from project’s settings;
– Extended number of steps in one test case by 75!
– More and more UI enhancements.

by | December 12th, 2019